Yesterday is dead

"i was nowhere,
till you changed my mind,
love is sent through being good to you.

then you were somewhere,
somewhere hard to find,
only what you always were,its true.

i'm looking for an open door,
where i can sit, and play in peace with you.

tomorrow changes
fields of green today,
yesterday is dead, but not my memory,

we were strangers,
and then you came to stay,
the sweetest spring dawn morning sings to me.

so now i've found a living sound,
that moves,that breathes and then makes love to me"

Autumn Stone___The Small Faces


belalugosisdead ha dicho que…
que relajante tio... me gusta
^_^ ya intentare traducir la letra mas adelante
fag ha dicho que…
voy un pooco de cuuuulo.
luego cuando llegue a casa me lo miro con la calma que si belalugos dice que es relajante me irá bien.

kiss troN

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